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Precast Solutions

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Slab Systems

Project specific slab designs are created using an optimised combination of pre-stressed slab beams in conjunction with our infill options.        Learn more >

ULTRAshell Band Beams

Ultrashells are precast, pre-stressed, beam shells which are used to provide a fast, cost effective solution to any band beam design.  Learn more >


We have two lintel sizes available 110mm x 80mm and 110mm x 170mm, which suit standard brick courses and can be easily rendered....... Learn more >>  


Any Ultrafloor beam can be used as a bearer in a joist and bearer floor system. Bearers are typically supported on 230mm wide brick piers. Learn more > 


Ultrahobs offer a fast and economical alternative to conventionally forming hobs. By utilising a precast hob this work is taken off the critical path....... Learn more >

Special Precast Items

Ultrafloor can manufacture a wide range of specialised precast products on request. In most instances these items are ancillary works for projects.......  Learn more >



Design and Drafting Service

We provide a comprehensive design and drafting service with all of our flooring packages. Included in this service is a full design certification which means the project engineer's work (and costs) could be reduced by up to 50%. View Example Shop Drawings

Installation Service

We also provide a full installation service with all of our flooring packages, which typically includes the supply of a mobile crane.   

Getting a Quote

To obtain a quote for any of our products please call 1800 858 723, or email us at To assist us with your quote please include any Architectural or Engineering plans for the project, preferably in DWG or PDF format.


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